5 Marketing trends

5 Marketing trends

5 Marketing trends to focus on in 2022

As the year draws to a close we begin to take stock. We start to analyse what worked, and what didn’t. What brought unexpected wins and what blindsided us and we learn. Then we start strategising and strengthening our marketing plan for the year ahead.

I always advise clients ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Unless of course, it’s a fundamental shift that will affect how you reach your audience and/or how you do business.

But I would still advise that you keep your finger on the marketing pulse, so to speak.

Marketing strategies that scale are still on every marketing depts radar in 2022. So think – Lead Generation. Increasing Customer Satisfaction. Increasing Brand Awareness. Increasing customer retention. And of course, closing more deals.

And it goes without saying that you should still be focussing on strong SEO, Keywords and other tools to keep your online offering ranking well in the SERPS

As 2022 looms, we take a look at emerging trends for you to keep an eye on next year; ensuring your marketing plan and strategy for the New Year takes your business to new heights.

1 – Social media

It’s still king. You need to have a strong presence and a robust strategy.
Are you engaged in conversations online with your audience? Are you using the correct channels? Do you tailor content to each platform? All of these points alter your engagement dramatically and you need to pay attention to your analytics to see where and how you can improve.

The focus for 2022?

Communities – but instead of trying to build a community from scratch, the smartest brands in 2022 will tap into existing communities to learn more about their customers. Then by simplifying content creation they can build brand awareness and affinity.

2. – Social Ads.

Part of your marketing budget should always be allocated to paid ads on your social channels.

This is only increasing in 2022. According to Gartner’s annual CMO spend survey more than half (51.4%) of the marketers that they surveyed said they plan to increase their paid social spend in 2022.
However, consumers, are getting wise to the sameness of social ads & are holding brands to a higher standard when it comes to creativity—but they’re also rewarding those that get it right.

Brands that want to stand out in 2022 will have to work harder to create ads that are tailored to the distinct experience offered by each social network.

3. Video Content

Using short-form video to showcase your organisation or products or services is also a strong focus for 2022. But, you need to be paying attention to video optimisation. So when creating think – Thumbnails, description, subtitles and transcription. What is short-form content? Anything from 60 secs to 10 mins depending on the platform you’re creating for.

Short-form video has the highest ROI of any social media marketing strategy(!) and 30% of social media marketers aim to invest more than in any other trend in 2022!

According to HubSpot Blog’s 2022 Marketing Industry Trends Survey, they found that over half of marketers (51%) using short-form video aim to increase investment in 2022. Meanwhile, 38% aim to continue similar investments.

4 – Social customer care

In an always-on digital landscape. You have to be on top of your social inboxes. (Hootsuite et al all offer great packages to have you in boxes in one location). You also need to directly engage and manage any negative comments before they can spiral and harm your business and its reputation. And swiftly react to queries and use positive comments to your advantage.

Social customer care increases customer acquisition, builds brand
awareness, and drives new purchases & product inquiries.

In 2022, more business leaders will be looking to social marketers to take a greater role in customer care. Forward-thinking social marketers will look to build deeper inroads, integrating with customer service teams and take a more forward role in delivering customer care. 59% of social marketers agree that social customer care has increased in value for their organisation in the last twelve months. Looking ahead into 2022 this will only increase.

5 – Social commerce.

While the brick-and-mortar storefront lives on post-pandemic, it’s more than clear that social commerce is an opportunity businesses can’t afford to miss! So invest wisely in your social storefront.

The easier you make the customer purchase process, the more likely your customers are to follow through. Look at what simple things you can do to improve the experience with your brand, on your existing social profiles.

Before you set about redesigning your Facebook Shop, make sure you’ve updated your business profile, including basic information like your operating hours and location etc.

Even if you aren’t ready to open a social storefront, or don’t think your organisation need one, you can still promote sales, events, and discounts directly on your business pages. By product descriptions, encouraging reviews, and responding to publicly visible customer service inquiries, you can engage with your customers directly and increase retention.

From Instagram to Facebook to Pinterest, there are multiple options for you to sell products directly on social media. Just choose wisely.

Given the size and potential sales via the social commerce opportunity, brands should be investing as much energy and effort into online storefronts as they would in physical locations.

So invest in photography, hire a copywriter to craft product descriptions, and put consideration into how you’re organizing your storefront, whether via your website or social media accounts.

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