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As design develops and business expands, it is key to maintain a trusted client database alongside a motivating portfolio of work.
In this day and age, it is important to look at how we respond to design, how we conduct towards it, how we acknowledge it and how we are stimulated by its functionality.

A company’s brand is it’s identity and creates an essence of who the company is. A logo is an imprint or a mark of the companies identity, a trademark that will make the difference between blending in or standing out.

If you design a striking logo and develop a long-lasting brand that can change the way we think and feel, you will be trusted. In this way, your reputation will be consolidated and a brand for the way you work is born.

Nowadays, companies have a few seconds before a customer makes up their mind whether to purchase a product/services or not. With such a small window for influence, effective and unequivocal design is key. Designers should aim to always be innovative, in order to push work through the doors and keep a reputation at its peak.

Do you think there is no competition? Think again, every industry has countless members who are out there ready to compete. Design can make or break a business and with such demand for excellence, there is little room for error.

Customers rely on emotions so it makes absolute sense that potential clients and/or customers are also built on trust and emotion too. Excellent design builds great relationships with new and potential customers.

Website design is also extremely important when it comes to building clientele. An easy-to-use website with a clean design and clear message will promote your brand well and will increase the customers/clients trust and confidence.

Navigation needs to be effortless and you need to be able to access contact details, portfolios of work and understand the business from its website. The more you can identify with the business, the more you can understand how it works and how it would work for you as a customer. The design needs to encapture all of the simplicity and brand essence to create a perfect balance. Promoting your brand and having consistent and concise work is part of building your business reputation.

So what do you really need to prove to a new client to gain their business?

That you can simply design. Effectively.
Making sure that you have a solid portfolio full of a variety of well-designed work is key to stand out from the crowd
Be creative, keeping in mind that your design is not just a standalone piece but an assembly of experiences that will help you link your business with your clients. Clients will begin to use you as a first choice, not just as an option in the pipeline and your growth as a designer will come alongside this.

Creativity on social media.

Any piece of work or design can be filtered and placed out in the socials for the world to see.

Share the best. Share only your best work if you intend on gathering a new clientele.

Be the best. Be constantly aware of your competition and act accordingly. Make sure you are up to date, relevant, innovative and always on-brand.


Show them what you can do, from print-based media to web design. Make clear who you are and show them exactly who that is. The key here is to be confident, be concise and always work your designs as though your next client is watching, because chances are, they’re right there!

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