How Does SEO for B2B & B2C Compare?

B2B SEO vs B2C SEO. 61% of all B2B decision-makers begin their purchasing process with a web search. 71% of these are choosing not to speak to a salesperson until they have done their own online research.

Why invest in your website?

If you’re like most business owners, you’re always looking for ways to grow and improve your company. Maybe you’ve been thinking about investing in web design? If so, you’re definitely making the right decision! A great website can help you attract new customers and clients. It can improve your brand image and credibility. It makes […]

5 Marketing trends

As the year draws to a close we begin to take stock. We start to analyse what worked, and what didn’t. What brought unexpected wins and what blindsided us and we learn. Then we start strategising and strengthening our marketing plan for the year ahead.

UXD? (User Experience Design)

Do you know what UX is and how the biggest companies in the world use it to their advantage? More importantly, do you understand what UX means to you and your organisation? During the first year at Amazon, Bezos invested 100 times more into customer experience than Advertising. For those who don’t know, UX is […]

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