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Caburn Telecom

Global IoT SIM Card & M2M Connectivity Solutions

Part of the Caburn Group, Caburn Telecom is an industry leader in advanced mobile connectivity and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

With some of the world’s biggest companies as partners, including Three, EE and KPN, Caburn Telecom prides itself on its ability to offer connectivity solutions all over the globe.

Inc Studio offers Compliance Chain a complete service, covering web development, SEO, print and expo banner design, consultation, and ongoing support and maintenance.

Outcome & Deliverables

The Project


We have built a strong professional relationship with Caburn Telecom, with our ongoing services consistently being delivered at the highest standard.

Our team were initially tasked with developing a UX/UI focussed website for an international audience, that would help to boost their brand awareness and image.

From here, we began to implement a hyper-tailored SEO strategy, focusing on the company’s key services and industry sectors through a range of different lenses.

The primary aim of our SEO strategy was to develop their website while boosting their brand awareness and website ranking through organic traffic.

In addition to the website development and SEO, our team provide ongoing website maintenance and support, creating bespoke banners and prints for expos and shows, and continued support and consultation.


We designed and developed an engaging website that covers Caburn Telecom’s wealth of services within the IoT industry. We continue to provide development, maintenance and optimisation of the site, discovering new opportunities to improve overall user experience and refine on-site content.

The Inc Studio team has also created bespoke landing pages for targeted ads, allowing Caburn Telecom to be more successful in their paid marketing endeavours and generate more leads due to an engaging UX/UI design.

Our team identified key industry competitors and produced a full road map based on competitor website audits and industry research. This SEO roadmap contains a keyword index, details on our competitor audit and a six-month strategy of tailored SEO content that includes delivery dates.

These posts target competitive and industry-relevant keywords, and range from essential IoT guides and use cases for the technology, such as 5G and IoT in smart cities, to a look at the technology through an international lens, such as IoT in Singapore.

Our SEO strategy is constantly evolving to ensure relevant content is always being produced in line with industry trends, helping us to take advantage of new ranking opportunities.

We continue to provide consultation and support to the Caburn Telecom team, furthering the evolution of this industry-leading company.

  • Desktop load speed 1.9 seconds
  • 58.85% increase in search impressions (in comparison to previous eight months)
  • 31.43% increase in organic traffic (in comparison to previous eight months)
  • Several first page and top three rankings for competitive keywords