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Compliance & Management System

Dlivr is a forward-thinking food delivery initiative focused on expedited delivery and quality customer service, catering to both inner-city and rural areas based on a strategic logistical set-up. The start-up project addresses brand identity design, UX design and UI design.

Outcome & Deliverables

The Project


Our goal was to design and build a user intuitive app and brand. The app would allow for delivery tracking, as well as multiple pick options and deliveries.

We found that some families would find it difficult to come to an agreement on which restaurant to order from. To overcome this, we set up a system whereby orders can be made from multiple and selected restaurants based on geo locations. The driver was then provided with the fastest route with multiple pick up points.


Our process begun by analysing competitors, the market and potential gaps to assist in the brand ID, product design, UX design and UI design. By carrying out key research, we were able to deliver a well rounded brand to portray, professionalism, trust and diversity. 

  • Brand guidelines 
  • Brand identity 
  • Brand vision 
  • Multiple user journey maps 
  • Content maps 
  • Low-fi wire-frames and prototypes 
  • Hi-fi UI prototypes 
  • Asset sheets