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Ice Blue Sky

Sales & Marketing Specialists

Ice Blue Sky is an award winning B2B marketing agency that specialises in sales and marketing strategy, account based marketing and channel enablement for the B2B technology industry.

Outcome & Deliverables

The Project


On this project, we worked with David Gilligan, Creative Director for WeThree and Keshi Bouri, Creative Director for Keshi & Co to develop the Ice Blue Sky brand strategy and brand identity to build an engaging website with a focus on mobile usability.


Collectively, we delivered a bold, updated brand that resonates with Ice Blue Sky’s vision and company ethos.

Using this updated brand image, we delivered a clean, modern website that accurately encapsulates Ice Blue Sky and their brand identity.

The new SEO-ready website features an array of innovative ideas, including an “All About You” page that highlights the company’s strong user focus.

Following its launch, the site was transferred to a new server which saw a notable drop in page speed. We jumped in to optimise the page’s user experience and load speed, helping it become more engaging for mobile users.