Redefining the Office: How to adapt business into the New Norm

Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest has never rung truer than what 2020 has subjected our economy too. So why is the way we work only focusing on just how to survive rather than adapting to thrive? The reality of our current global situation due to the pandemic has created a surge of urgency in change. We are in an evolutionary period in our lives and if we do not wake up, we may find ourselves no longer on the cusp of the next great depression but in the thick of it. The reality of Covid-19 has infinitely changed our outlooks for better or worse and has undeniably changed our perspective; from the way, we conduct ourselves socially, to the way we work.

With free access to different development platforms, social media and marketing channels seem easier now to climb into the ring however, it makes it much more difficult to stand out fearlessly as a brand.

This is where creatives, marketers, and creative agencies come in to play a key role, bringing expertise, support, and functionalities that will help differentiate your business to the core. To help bring your business vision to life.

Amongst a flurry of new strategies constantly evolving, it is imperative that the DNA of our businesses are not whittled down into unrecognisable atoms but instead evolve with the change.

So how do we differentiate ourselves to become a standout company?

1) Identify the niche.
By knowing who we are can change the game to our favour. Self-doubt has no place in brand identity. What defines your unique selling point? Cracking this code is the key to developing organic responses with consumers. How we display our best foot forward comes directly from knowing the core values that make the brand unique.

2) Open the doors.
With the rest of the world locked away, our nations have been forced to look internally of what works and what doesn’t. Consumers have now had ample time to stop, reflect, and evaluate everything they know. We have evolved into a new wave of informed consumers who take pride in researching what best fits for them and how they relate to a brand’s ethos. Consumers expect and require humanity in companies now more than ever as we are stripped from the familiarity of contact. By remaining personal, brands need to welcome their consumers in the inside story of its identity. The ease of today’s access to information has become a revolving door to transparency. By allowing your business module to resemble more human in a tech world, will foster a familiar loyalty with your audience.

3) Adapt not assimilate.
Adapting to change and making the right efforts to engage to stay relevant takes grit and hard work. It requires you to have an unwavering belief in your business as well as to remain humble that you will require to listen and constantly grow. By staying genuine will separate you from conformity. Championing individuality against the sea of sameness. The goal is to never be a diluted version of a comparison company/brand but rather float on your own achievements, merits and ethos.

Taking focus in these 3 points will lead you down a rabbit hole of brand identity that will provide a truer self-awareness of how to compete and be seen in a saturated market.

With the growing ability to have access to services that can create bespoke programs and all-around services from strategies, interface, consumer relationships to visibility, the sky’s the limit to enriching brand awareness to the public. Integrating branding and design strategies into a company’s toolkit can allow them to shift their focus on excelling and perfecting their objective and productivity.

So how can we adapt as the world goes through drastic changes? With everything going on it is vital we structure our days to not lose momentum. As many industries have had to downsize in order to stay afloat, staying productive is an understatement. Learning to juggle a work-life balance in the confines of our homes has created an influx of people being put to the test on how much they can juggle. In order to remain productive, we must remain structured. Here are some tips to create your own positive spaces to achieve results.

It is imperative that our productivity includes our work in our mental, physical, and social states. By starting your day off to include that sense of purpose it creates a mentality within ourselves that we have our day to seize. List the tasks, ensure physical activeness is included in your day to encourage blood, dopamine, and creativity to flow. Create a routine that benefits your wellness first in order to offer your best to others.

Take breaks.
Stopping for breaks is important to maintain one’s health and sanity. Taking the time to step away from the work at vantage times, can improve the ability to see from a different perspective for improvement. By creating a simple structure of scheduled breaks bypasses scraping yourself too thin. Instead, invest in yourself to regenerate peak performance quicker. Awakened with a new perspective rather than a tired and desperate approach to meet deadlines.

Check-in with your team.
By creating an environment that doesn’t cut off one from the world will set the tone and provide a social outreach that will create a personal approach. Remote working shouldn’t feel like seclusion but rather an invested independence in efficiency. Remaining in touch with your team and the objective will be a mutually valuable social construct to create integrated efficiency teamwork. It will foster the human touch that creates dedication no matter how far apart.

It is crucial that brands maintain their humanity, especially within the new normalised remote working workforce. A positive workspace has always been the key to generate a thriving community. When you excel in your own space, it benefits everyone by ridding yourself of distractions and petty competition amongst others by dedicating your time to focusing on the success of the greater collective. It has taken a pandemic for most of us to see the damaging effects of archaic work lifestyle, what more do we need to experience to finally create the positive changes we wish to see?

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