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Compliance Chain

Compliance & Management System – Manage compliance, project reporting, and social value across one platform.

Inc Studio has worked closely on the development of the industry-changing system that is Compliance Chain.

This specialist platform is used to review the ongoing compliance and financial standing of their suppliers, implement live monthly project reporting, and ensure that construction projects are delivering demonstrable social value in line with the national measurement standard.

Our team used a combination of design thinking and industry experience to create a bespoke web design that showcases Compliance Chain’s forward-thinking process.

Compliance Chain
Outcome & Deliverables

The Project


By integrating ourselves into the team and project, we developed a deep understanding of the industry that helped us as we built an intuitive UX and informative UI for the Compliance Chain website and platform.

Our team provided a full user journey map for multiple user profiles from suppliers and buyers to multiple admin user levels, allowing the process to be streamlined and transparent. From here, our team then produced a range of low-fidelity wireframes to ensure the platform’s UX has a natural feel.

To ensure an intuitive understanding of the system’s structure, we tested the lo-fi prototype with potential clients/users and CC’s in-house team by giving them relevant tasks. This approach helped us to quickly generate ideas, make alterations and iron out any potential user issues.

The next step in our process was to apply an eye-catching and consultive UI design across the entire site.

Recently, we have begun a tailored and bespoke SEO content strategy to elevate the platform in front of a newer and wider audience.


We designed a multi-user platform for buyers and suppliers in the public and private sectors. The UX and UI-centred platform would provide buyers with valuable supplier information such as; ongoing, up-to-date financial, compliance and live project reports, social responsibilities and assistance in construction project management.

  • Multiple user journey maps 
  • Bespoke illustration and iconography
  • Developed brand
  • Content maps 
  • Low-fi wireframes and prototypes 
  • Hi-fi UI prototypes 
  • Intuitive and informative UX and UI
  • Bespoke website
  • Company Brochure
  • Asset sheets
  • SEO keyword and content strategy
  • Original SEO content
Compliance Chain