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Using intuitive UX/UI design and captivating content to streamline, simplify and redefine the resourcing process in the construction industry
Zoomed in UX/UI design for Strategic Resourcing homepage on iPhone

The Brief

Streamlining the construction industry’s resourcing process with an innovative platform

As an innovative construction resourcing platform powered by Compliance Chain, Strategic Resourcing were looking for a way to simplify the recruitment of top industry talent without disrupting the schedules of busy recruiters.

With a focus on the streamlining of processes, we used our industry expertise to make Strategic Resourcing’s ambitious dream a reality.

UX/UI design for Strategic Resourcing homepage
UX/UI design for Strategic Resourcing process page

The Project

Developing a website and portal with seamless UX/UI design and captivating content

Using the established Compliance Chain portal, Strategic Resourcing tasked Inc Studio with creating a platform with seamless UX/UI design that would allow users to list unlimited job vacancies to their exclusive network of the UK’s top recruitment companies, manage individual position applications and arrange interviews all in one convenient, centralised place.

Inc Studio was also given the opportunity to develop a powerful and intuitive website for Strategic Resourcing with the primary goals of lead generation and user engagement.

It was decided that the text for the website would land in a realm between conversational and professional, encouraging users to effortlessly guide themselves through each step of the streamlined process and convert into a major lead.

Branded case study image of UX/UI design for Strategic Resourcing page


Strategically inspiring lead conversion and user engagement with design thinking

Our industry experts developed a highly effective UX/UI design for the platform extension, providing full user journey maps demonstrating the result of each conceivable action. The platform guides the user through each step seamlessly, allowing them to discover the industry’s top talent with ease.

The website itself is modern in design and intuitively walks users through the platform’s process, benefits, and ultimate objectives. By fusing a deep understanding of informational hierarchy and design thinking, our team created an effective website that showcases the bold essence of the company and how it’s set to change the construction industry.

After conducting a comprehensive market analysis, we delivered unique branding guidelines and messages that served as the foundation for the site’s direction, with a consistent colour scheme and clear, bespoke iconography encapsulating the essence of the platform. 

The website’s text was carefully devised to engage users, while also inspiring them to convert into leads, using a conversational tone that was direct yet commanding.

Our unique content creation style ensures that each page retains a consistently unique tone, with friendly and accessible communication that is customised for the platform’s target audience, without compromising on professionalism.

Brand guideline booklet and notepad for Strategic Resourcing