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Developing the brand of ambitious legal and business consultation provider, with piercing results centered around Greek mythology
Spearus branding logo

The Brief

Pulling inspiration from Greek mythology to redefine an innovative legal and business consultation provider

Being an innovative provider of legal and business consultation services, Spearus were seeking an effective rebrand that highlights how their services guide a business’s trajectory, with piercing results.

Simplicity and innovative ideas centred around Greek mythology were the key, enabling our experts to tap into a learnt and subconscious messaging about Spearus’ core ideals.

Spearus logo on a coffee mug

The Project

Showcasing the solution-driven ethos of our client through powerful visual communication

Spearus sought out Inc Studio for a highly precise development of their brand to showcase the company’s dedication to supportive and innovative solutions for startups, municipalities and SMEs.

The progressive legal and business consultation providers were looking for a strong brand as individual as their customer support and services, allowing them to stand out within a highly competitive market and naturally grow their brand perception.

With the company’s services offering solution-driven support and guidance for complex legal issues that maximise operational and organisational efficiency, we were tasked with effectively conveying the brand’s ethos through simple yet impactful imagery and messaging.

Laptop on an angle with the Spearus Advisors homepage on display


Delivering a timeless brand identity with a distinct focus on symmetry and audience perception

By placing a unique focus on the timeless essence of ancient Greek entrepreneurship and philosophy seamlessly intertwined with today’s business world, Inc Studio created a highly impactful brand that bridges the gap between the past and present, fostering a profound sense of trust, credibility, expertise, strategic thinking, and personalised service.

Strategically centring the branding strategy on the Greek gods Athena, Themis, Hermes and Hera, the gods of innovation, justice, commerce and support, respectively, Inc Studio were able to elevate Spearus’ brand into a multi-layered concept, tapping into a subliminal understanding of ancient mythology, provoking a sense of professionalism and individuality.

With Aristotle’s admiration for symmetry as an influence, we developed a strong logo containing a bold typeface and poignant spear imagery with a focus on uniformity. The result is a harmonious blend of history, military and modernity, symbolising strategic precision in a new era of business.

Visual communication through simple yet effective imagery and iconography allows Spreaus’ brand to encapsulate complex ideas or services into easily recognisable and memorable symbols, facilitating quick comprehension of the company’s core ideals and making a lasting impression on the audience.

Spearus branding advertisement billboard
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