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Developing a unique brand and app for Delivr, an ambitious food-delivering initiative paving the way for the future of UK takeout orders
Branded worker packaging and helmet for DLIVR

The Brief

Delivering an intuitive app set to transform food delivery for inner-city and rural areas

With aspirations of being a forward-thinking food-delivering initiative focused on expedited delivery and quality customer service, Delivr needed a developed brand and intuitive delivery app that would cater to both inner-city and rural areas based on a strategic logistical set-up.

Inc Studio was tasked with developing such an app, placing a distinct focus on usability and seamless delivery tracking, multiple pick options and multiple deliveries.

UX/UI design for DLIVR app on iPhone showing a pizza order

The Project

Streamlining the food delivery process with an accessible and intuitive app

Not too long after Delivr approached Inc Studio regarding the development of the highly usable app, the concept was soon developed. At the time, rural areas were not served by the app’s competitors, providing Delivr with a strong unique selling point for UK households.

What’s more, industry research shows that some families find it difficult to come to an agreement on which restaurant to order from, thus discovering a streamlined way for multiple deliveries to arrive at the same was to be developed in-app.

Orbiting this bespoke app design would be a striking brand that would set the foundations to send Delivr into a new stratosphere.

Three screens showing the UX/UI design for DLIVR app on iPhone. From left to right, login page, landing page and delivery options.
Three screens showing the UX/UI design for DLIVR app on iPhone. From left to right, delivery options, search filters, and page for a restaurant.


Creating an approachable brand and interface that builds trust and inspires conversions

After we analysed the food delivery industry, the brand’s competitors and the potential gaps within the market, we were armed with the knowledge to deliver a well-rounded brand that portrays professionalism, trust and diversity.

The creation of the brand guidelines, identity and vision was centred around discovering new flavours, using a rocket icon as part of the company logo and the app icon.

Propelling the project forward, we created an intuitive and appealing user interface for the app that inspires exploration of different cuisines, restaurants, and dishes. This included a detailed filter search stacked with previously unseen features, such as food hygiene ratings.

To combat the issue of multiple deliveries, we set up a system whereby orders can be made from multiple and selected restaurants based on geo locations, providing the drivers with the fastest route for multiple pick-up points so all the orders can arrive at the same time.

Our team meticulously tested the multiple-user journey maps and content maps using hi-fi UI prototypes and low-fi wireframes, ensuring that the app’s usability remained consistently optimal.

Branded guideline booklet for DLIVR
Branded guideline booklet for DLIVR