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Redefining the brand of Limewing, a leading education agency's, and making them soar to new heights using a deep understanding of visual communication and user behaviour
Company guidelines book for Limewing Talents

The Brief

Using visual communication to transform the brand of a leading education recruitment agency

Being a leading education recruitment agency dedicated to discovering elite talent, Limewing felt as though their brand wasn’t working for them as well as it should.

Tasked with the challenge of redefining the brand, Inc Studio sought to make Limewing more approachable and welcoming using a deep understanding of visual communication and user behaviour. 

Limewing Talents logo
White bag with Limewing Talents logo on the front.
Company guidelines book for Limewing Talents

The Project

Using our client’s core values to redefine their brand and expand business growth

With their business ethos cemented in ethically resourcing and empowering teams of industry-leading educational talent around the world, Limewing approached Inc Studio seeking a rebrand that would make their company feel more approachable and personable. 

Inc Studio took on the challenge of bringing Limewing’s brand up-to-date, drawing inspiration from the agency’s core values and mission. The goal was to soften the brand’s aesthetic, using more inviting colours and smoother elements in the logo design in order to create a more welcoming aesthetic.

This evolution of the brand would then be used to expand business growth and brand awareness in both physical and digital realms through the means of impactful marketing collateral.

Business cards for Limewing Talents


Welcoming in a new era for our client with a personable and engaging rebrand

By initially placing our focus on softening the design and colour of Limewing’s logo, we were able to create a more approachable and friendly brand identity.

This logo redesign, paired with the use of smoother design elements and a warmer colour palette, successfully achieved our goal of making Limewing more welcoming and engaging to potential clients around the globe.

The modern touches to the agency’s pre-existing brand have also enabled Limewing to stand out in a crowded market, helping them attract top talent and increase their reach within the education recruitment industry.

To further solidify Limewing’s new brand identity, Inc Studio also created marketing collateral that reflected the new brand identity, including business cards, brochures, banners, and email signatures.

This cohesive approach to branding helped to further solidify Limewing’s image and increase brand recognition.